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  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag
  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag
  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag
  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag
  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag
  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag
  • Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag

Custom Printing Luxury Gift Shopping Paper Bag

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Supply Ability & Additional Informations

Giao thông vận tảiOcean,Land,Air

Hải cảngShenzhen

Hình thức thanh toánL/C,T/T


Product Description
Product Type:
brown paper bag with handles
Kraft Paper Bag,White Cardboard Paper Bag,Black Cardboard Paper Bag ect
bags,clothing,shoes ect
Printing Way:
Gravure printing
Place of Origin:
Transit Time:
5-15 days

1.We have our own factory, rich products, we strictly check the quality of all products, in order to provide you with a quality service, create a happy shopping experience 2.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service 3.After the delivery, we will track the delivery until you receive the delivery 4.If you find any problem after you receive the express, please contact us and we will deal with it in time. 5.When you use them for a long time,if you have any good suggestion,you can tell us,offering a good shopping experience is our center which we chase all the time
Customized Products Process 1.Pre-sale Consulting:Please confirm our customer service staff of the style,size,quantity,production process requirement and customized patterns of customized products,please call us,we will give you an accurate quotation. 2.Layout Design:After confirming the quotation,if typesetting is required,we will contact the designer to design the sample. 3.Check the pattern:After our designer designs the draft according to your requirements,we will give you the draft for reference,if there is any need to improve,you can put forward to your suggestions. 4.Confirm the final draft:After repeated communication and modification,the final draft is determined,once determined,it can not be changed. 5.Order to make:When confirming the final draft,we will make them,if you need samples,we can provide,when finishing the sample,we can send it to you. 6.Delivery:When finished,we will send the goods to you.
Images Details
1: According to the material can be divided into: a. Pure kraft paper bags; b. Paper aluminum composite kraft paper bags (cow Sample display of various kraft paper bags Sample display of various kraft paper bags (15 sheets) Leather paper composite aluminum foil); c: woven bag composite kraft paper bag (generally larger bag type)
2: According to the bag type, it can be divided into: a. Three-side sealed kraft paper bag; b. Side organ kraft paper bag; c.
Self-supporting kraft paper bag; d. Zipper kraft paper bag; e.

3: According to the appearance of the bag type, it can be divided into: a. Valve pocket; b. Square bottom bag; c. Seam bottom bag; d. Heat-sealed bag; e. Heat-sealed square bottom bag
Kraft paper bag is a kind of composite material or pure kraft paper packaging container. It is non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, meets national environmental protection standards, has high strength and high environmental protection, and is one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world .
Kraft paper bag is based on the whole wood pulp paper. The color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. PP film can be applied on the paper to play a waterproof role. The
strength of the bag can be made from one to six layers according to customer requirements. , Printing and bag making integration. Opening and back cover methods are divided into heat seal, paper seal and paste bottom.
Kraft paper bags are popular because of their environmental protection characteristics. Especially in European countries, almost all kraft paper bags are used. Then there are several ways of kraft paper bags.
1. Small white kraft paper bags. Generally, these bags are large in quantity and widely used. Many merchants require this kind of kraft paper bags to be cheap and durable. Usually, the practice of this kraft paper bag is machine molding, and the machine is attached by rope. Machine operation.
2. The practice of medium-sized kraft paper bags. Normally, medium-sized kraft paper bags are made of kraft paper bags that are made by mechanically pasting synthetic ropes. After the domestic kraft paper bag forming equipment is limited by the molding size, and the kraft paper bags are The sticking machine can only stick the ropes of smaller handbags, so the practice of kraft paper bags is limited by the machine. Many bags have no way to make the machine unique.
3, large bags, kraft paper bags with reverse heads, thicker yellow kraft paper bags, these kraft paper bags are made by hand.
There is no domestic machine that can solve these kraft paper bag forming, and it can only be made by hand. The production cost of kraft paper bags is high, and the quantity will not be large.

4. Regardless of which kind of kraft paper bag is used above, if the quantity is not large enough, it is usually made by hand.
Because the machine makes kraft paper bags with large losses, there is no way to solve the practice of small quantities of kraft
paper bags
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Printing Styles
Our Company

Dongguan Yoteng Technology Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise. We affiliate with Hong Kong New Development Global Trading Co., Limited. We have a factory branch in mainland China. We also have branch office in Japan Pro-package company which responsible for the Japanese market. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to discuss cooperation.

We enjoy convenient access to major transportation networks. Our company covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has around 50 staff members. Furthermore, all our products are manufactured with advanced equipment and strict QC procedures in order to ensure high quality. In order to reduce our customers' cost, we set a branch factory in Indonesia. US customers can share 0% duty if import from Indonesia.As well as, we set up 3 business offices in HongKong, Japan and Indonesia for better to service our customers.Guaranteeing stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, our products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets. If you are interested in any of our products, or wish to place a customized order, please contact us. We will do our best to meet your needs. Our Tenet: Your satisfy is our pride.

Sterilizing RoomRaw Material Stacking AreaWorking Machine 2Company Environment 4Stacking Products AreaCompany Environment 7OvenWorking Machine 1Company Environment 3

Payment Method
Packaging And Delivery


1. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are plastics bag manufacturer and we have our own factory.

2. What's your product range?
Many kinds of bags, All kinds of promotion products and so on.
Try to satisfy the customer's one-stop shopping experience
We take customer first, our criterion is to pursue high quality but low price.

3. What is your MOQ?
Normally our MOQ is 50 pcs.

4. What's the information should I let you know if I want to get a full quotation?
Bag type: flat bag, back sealed bag, gusset bag, zipper bag,etc.
Bag Size: Height, width, gusset.
Material structure: If you don’t know, please tell us your usage and request, then our team will give you suitable suggestion
Thickness: We can also give you professional suggestion according your usage
Printing colors: You can also send us your artwork or bag sample
Order quantity.

5. When we create our own artwork design, what kind of format is available for you?
The popular format: AI, JPEG, CDR, PNG, PDF, TIFF

6: What's your lead time?
The mass production depends on the quantity and printing. Normally, for bags without printing, it needs 3 working days above after
deposit done; for printed ones, 5-7 days first for cylinders preparing, totally 10 working days above for production with quantity
in MOQ.

7: Can I order small quantity?
Yes. However, the unit cost will be higher than normal price.

8: How is my bags shipped?
We ship bags by UPS, FedEx, Or DHL. As for sea freight, we get the rate from forwarding companies.

9: How can I get the samples?
If you need some samples to test, we can make as per your request. But you shall pay for the shipping cost of samples and our
samples cost.

10: How long can I expect to get the sample?
The samples will be ready for delivery in 3-5 days.The samples will be sent via express and arrive in 3-7 days.

11: Which type bags do you produce?
Bags can be produced based on your requirement. Please advice material, thickness, size, color, style, quantity ,relevant pictures
or marks and others.

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